Jelly Shoes & Forest Imps

Here are some sparkly pictures from my phone. I don't know why I decided to draw a dog face over a picture of my Primark jelly shoes and long socks, but let's embrace this beautiful dog. Sadly these shoes are hurting my feet a bit, so I think I'll save them for use as beach sandals or something. They're fine to wear for a little while, but not for long. The socks also are confusing, because if I wear  them at full length (they're thigh highs) they really irritate my legs. I think this is a "my legs" thing rather than something weird about the socks.

I have a bunch of tiny trainer socks that I'm probably gonna wear more in warm weather. I feel so weird with the bit immediately above my ankle uncovered, but these sock experiments must continue!

This is a picture of Elliot achieving high fluffiness levels. Good job!

I'm really sorry if this drawing hurts your eyes. As I write this I am avoiding looking directly at it. I think it's kind of beautifully awful. Email it to Charles Saatchi if you fancy.

Here's me! My old fringe hair is currently doing a cool little face framing curl thing. It's sort of nice to have a section of hair specifically for cuddling your chin. It's definitely much better than a short while ago, when that hair wanted to go into my mouth at all times. Rude.

This last picture features a nice forest imp drawn over a bit of the forest I took a photo of when having a nice walk. I kinda want to make a comic about forest imps now. Okay. Cool.

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