Hello, Shiver

I've made some more collages, with fruit and flowers and hair and hands (some of my favourite things).

There's so many cool pictures and things in the world so I feel like collaging is like... you're cutting up.... the best parts of the world... to put in your bag. I love food photography and nature photography and editorials, but what I like even more is cutting those things up into tiny pieces and scattering them into a new and weird little narrative that's a little bit mysterious.

I imagine what it would be like if I could collage in 4 dimensions, like I could reach out and cut the air and light around things and move it. Imagine scattering morning sunlight like Smarties onto my cheeks, or arranging hexagonal prisms of pouring rain so that some rain falls upwards. I'm not sure why I thought of that since regular collage isn't that dense or world changing but I guess it's that fundamental idea of editing the world around me and arranging it in a pleasing way that interests me about collage as a medium.

Food photos from magazines are particularly pretty. They have all these particular textures and it makes it fun to layer all sorts of things on top like words or arms and legs or tiny kittens playing on a massive lemon. It's all the weirdness you can make because collage gives you a strange power to make your own worlds and stories that don't necessarily make sense. I also like adding a few words into collages because they make pictures seem more like stories. When I look at a collage with text in it I want the words to be there for a reason and mean something, but whether they mean anything or not they sort of touch my imagination. And when I see them they make a sound in my head. I mean, when I see a word I also think the word in my voice in my head, which doesn't happen when I see an image, so it's another layer of interaction with a composition.

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