Diary: Books & Elephants

I think I'm gonna try to stick more things into my diary - labels and wrappers and leaves from the day - just because it adds some extra personality and another visual element to my entries. It's nice to remember little things and have them right there on the page too.

So this week there has been some pigeon romance going on (pigeon couples make the loudest cooing noises), lots of reading (I'm halfway through Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and it has pulled me in deep), and eating some tasty fruit and nut mixes. I also acquired a new little cuddly elephant friend.


  1. you are my creative diary inspiration tbh, everything is so well put together and i like the collaging with different mediums! x

  2. I really wish I had the patience to sit down and write at least one thing down every day. I can just never stick to anything and yours is far creative than anything I could do!
    Victoria xx thedaisyjaynes.com

    1. Okay, well, I'll tell you right now that I don't write a diary entry every day. Sometimes I fill in 2 at a time because I didn't get round to doing it a previous day. Sometimes I draw a big picture on 1 page because I don't feel like writing. A lot of keeping a diary to me is about respecting how I feel about it on each day. And sometimes I don't feel like it, so I come back later.

      I also don't really consider what I'm writing about or drawing much. I just do it and there it is. And if I don't like something I stick something over it. Most of all it's a diary - it's for me and sorta capturing a memory, not how cool it will look when scanned and uploaded.

      I give myself a lot of "daily" projects, but my trick is that they're never strictly daily. That way you can do almost any sort of long-running, everyday project (taking photos of yourself, writing a diary, photographing the sunset, etc) and you end up missing some days but you still have most of an everyday project. I push myself to do regular things, but I keep my restrictions loose so that I don't give up because I missed a day. And sometimes I cheat, because I can do whatever I want. Like with posting every day to this blog, my posts are scheduled up to and over a week in advance. And the more I do, the easier everything is to do, regularly, consistently, feverishly.

      I also think creativity is pretty hard to quantify. I mean, you could draw a stick figure and some purple circle around it and it wouldn't be more or less creative than things I've done, just different.

      What I'm trying to say is, please try to define your own creativity and don't put yourself down because you're not like other people or don't work in the way that seems good to you. The first step for me before I could really do anything like this was to work through my compulsion to compare myself to others and try to be this specific idea of an artist or creator or whatever.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.