Diary: Apples & Adventure

I feel very colourful and full this week, like lots of little flying cat heads are buzzing round my head telling me nice things and ideas, but also, I've been so tired and full of wobbly question marks. I am so close to being out of art school forever. I feel like extra creativity is bombarding me at the moment because I am excited about being on the cusp of leaving. I can't believe I've continued to be in education for so long. I don't know what will happen next, but for a while I think I'm gonna really enjoy doing things just for my own enjoyment and wholeheartedly concentrating on them. It's freeing to come to the end of something as long as a three year course. Three years seems like nothing and a lifetime at the same time. It kinda makes me want to run away now, to a different planet.

I'm going to continue looking at myself and what I'm doing for a while. I think I'm gonna have some time to pour into the self-reflection machine and I'm gonna gather myself up and rearrange myself. I guess I have to do that every time there's a life transition. I'm pretty relaxed about this one, though. There have been quite a few of them now, so I'm not fixated on it like I have been before.
I'm gonna eat 100 apples.

Here's a painting of a laughing sun. Nervously laughing, I think.

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