Degree Show Planner & Submissions

It's finally time for my degree show and I'm not really physically present as most of the work I've been making has been digital or intended specifically to be viewed online, so I'm in this weird place kinda away from all the other students and the institution itself and in my own world online, which I think fits well with what I've been doing long term. I use a lot of diary and physical notes of different kinds to draw and plan and think about things, but since my work is digital I guess I wanted to scan this planner for my degree show and surrounding ideas/interests so it is also present online and as an attachment to the digital pieces that make up my final submission.

This planner is full of ideas about different forms of media (performance, poetry, analogue, digital, photography, text, sound, movement, etc) because I really wanted to try and explore and expand upon things across the final months of my course. I have tried repeatedly to situate my ideas and visuals in a physical world, giving them a presence in exhibition/assessments in books, wall collage, with paint textures, and more recently with including some sort of soundscape element and moving image/video elements, and warping/degrading of images. I have also tried to explore different vague and specific subjects including: anxiety, perception, childishness, art as a purely recreational act, art as therapy, art as relational/a way of figuring out dense things, pop culture and celebrity perception & judgement, collections, the simplification of the self, etc.

My final submissions are as follows:
A newhive space, a cyclical digital world constructed of a connected hive of webpages built up over time. Some pages have moving images, text, video, or sound (some pages automatically play sound). It acts as a disjointed diary, restricted only by html limits. This is an ongoing project which I intend to build up into a dense network of diarised memories. Navigate pages by clicking the left and right arrows.

Stop Motion Vlogs
An ongoing series of short stop motion videos. These, like the wonderland pages, are also functioning as diary entries, with a voiceover providing the diary voice. This is usually a small summary of recent personal events or interests (some of which are depicted visually in the images of the video). These videos have a more concise feel than the newhive pages.

A stop motion music video. This is less diary like and more of a fantasy narrative. It is specific in narrative purpose, and both the song and visuals explore a scenario of frustration. The music is a collaborative effort between me and my musical partner Ed Lawrence, so this adds another layer to the piece from his perspective as well.

Stuff from my collage experimentation book mentioned on the page above can be viewed here and here.


  1. Good luck with your show. I liked the Dominoes video clip and the link to the stop motion videos didn't work.

    1. Thank you! It should be fixed now. x


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