Cute Clouds & Many Thoughts About Hair Clips

The sky is so pretty and amazing and cool no matter what weather is going on. I kinda wish the only thing that existed was the sky. It would be great to just be in the sky, floating around. Or maybe in this hypothetical sky dreamland you could walk around on the sky as if it was the ground. I don't know. Anyway, look at this piece of sky I saw from my bedroom window. Look at this cute cloud. I hereby dub this cloud "Kevin". I hope Kevin is having a nice time up there.

Here is a smaller cloud. Maybe a piece of Kevin. This one can be called Les.

Lately (by which I mean, maybe, for the past 5 years or so) I have been thinking about all my possessions and the things that make me happy for various reasons at various times, the things that are useful (NI number card, deodorant, hair clips), and the things that are less useful but that I cling onto (various keyrings, a lip balm in a tricky container, a crumpled old drawing).

One thing I have found to be a lot more useful than I expected it to be was this Hello Kitty hair clip. I don't have any other hair clips the same shape. It is essentially a chunkier, sturdier version of a kirby grip/bobby pin, or it does the same sort of thing, but it has a hinge. Obviously I need to go and study hair clips for a while. I will never pass my hair clip exam.

Anyway so, there are things that are not strictly necessary but super useful and cute (like this hair clip), and I'm happy to have them, but also I am very into analysing their specific roles and why I have them and why I keep them and what makes them, like, a physical and emotional presence in my life. Yep, here I am blogging hair clip psychology and stuff because I have many, many thoughts about my particular relationships with particular tiny objects. Everything I own is a part of me, so it deserves a great deal of attention. If you are a publisher looking for a 20 page personal reflection on a single hair clip, please contact me.

I think I feel some kind of intense connection with the possessions that I can wear, because they quite literally become a part of me. For this hair clip I also think I am endeared to it by it chunky childishness as well as its kind of pop culture position. I mean, it's Hello Kitty. It adds Hello Kitty and all that she represents to my hair, and to me in general. I feel like this is the perfect kind of portable plastic object - useful, cute, almost kitschy in a way, but actually pretty normal.

I probably don't need to talk about anything else here because this is already a reasonably long post about a hair clip, and I would like to let that hair clip talk linger, but hey, here is a picture of my little cuddly Rottweiler puppy, because this also is something of a precious item to me. You can see that the sun is starting to go down in this picture, and that's a nice relaxing time to cuddle your toy pup. Although really, most times are a relaxing time to cuddle your toy pup, but y'know.

Okay, I'm gonna leave this post now to think more about hair clips on my own time.

/// topics related to the hair clip that I might be thinking about right at this moment:

  • my hair as a comfort device & symbol of personal growth
  • also a symbol for nature as it manifests through my body... because I'm an animal from nature and all that
  • how cute stuff for kids can ease anxiety/sadness/confusion or can generally act as a therapeutic thing for adults
  • how cool the idea of plaiting your hair into someone else's is
  • how cutesy pop culture connects me to other people and serves as an innocent and pleasant outlet for enthusiasm
  • hair styles as mood enhancers/affectors


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.