Chalk Kid

When I was in middle school I used to eat chalk. Don't ask me why, I guess I just loved that tasty rock. I also liked to eat grass at that time, so maybe I was just fond of the natural environment. Tasty, tasty environment. Has Heston Blumenthal done anything with chalk? Anyway, I don't eat chalk or grass any more, but I do have a set of colourful chalk which I have decided to draw more things with. It's actually hair chalk, but I find colouring my hair with chalk kinda weird, so I am considering it regular chalk instead. I might use it to colour my hair again, but I figure I might as well draw with it, since the sticks would take a long time to get used up just on my hair.

I was trying it out and I drew this blue-haired kid and I thought I'd use her as a prop for scanning with. It's nice to have something bright and colourful to scan with to contrast with the muted natural tones of my face and hair. The chalk sticks themselves are also really great props because they're such a great range of colours. Chalk is not an art material I'd usually use, but I'm embracing the oddness of them.


  1. love this post!! heston chould totally experiment with chalk...and that last photo is justtt dreamy
    bella xx

    1. I'll take 3 chalk cheesecakes please Heston!!!!! :-)


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