Animal Crossing Journal #20: Penguin Town

Welcome back to the sweet little town of Boy. At the moment, Toto is expanding his house. Actually, everyone is expanding their house. Except me, since mine's already as big as it can be. This is a first look at Toto's new second floor room. It has a nice cosy library/study feel. And a jar of pickles, because you need those when you're concentrating!

My dear pig friend and big sister type Agnes decided to move away from town recently. Unfortunately I didn't realise this before she was already packing her things away for the move and I couldn't stop her. One night some time after her departure I met Flo, who was visiting Boy's campsite, and she agreed to move in. I'll miss Agnes, but having a new face around will be nice. This means Boy will now have three penguin villagers (Flo, Gwen, and Puck).

A couple of days later, Flo's plot showed up. It's in a perfect location, right next Toto's house. He won't be all alone in the North-West corner of town any more! I'm really pleased with this - the placing is perfectly neat.

Molly is pretty excited about it.

I've been spending a bit of time designing some new clothing. I wanted to make a couple of plain things - especially plain white t-shirts that can match nicely with lots of bottoms. I'm tempted to try making the Joy Division Unknown Pleasures t-shirt.

I made Berry a new skirt-dress in pink to match her hair. It looks a bit cuter than her previous dress, and is a bit more subtle as a 1D outfit (you can barely see the "1D" on her chest), but of course she still has to show her musical passion through her clothes.

I really like the lovely furniture series a lot more than I ever thought I would. It looks great in pink and white, a toned down version of its original bright pink. I love my bedroom.

I also love this owl.

I went over to Octavian's house and found Molly in there. I wept to make them feel guilty for hanging out without me. Even the little alien underneath the spaceship feels bad for me.

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