Animal Crossing Journal #19: Houses & Roses

Hello hello hello from my sweet little town of Boy again. Here I am thoroughly enjoying sitting on the nice big tree stump outside Berry's house. What I like about the four houses I've added to my town is that they are all in perfect and perfectly different locations. Berry's house is right by the beach, so she can lie in bed and listen to the waves at night (although actually, she hasn't got a bed yet). Toto's house is up in a secluded spot by the river and the train line (I think this is fine because there aren't many trains, and I live quite near to a train line in real life so... it's fine, it's actually nice). My house is near to main street and the train station and is in a nice big space for building gardens all around. Lastly, ?'s house is by the river, in the centre of the town, and also right next to the shop and the pond. They're all great spots, but of course I like my house's spot the most!

Let's start out with a visit. Here's a snapshot from when Molly came over. We talked about bats and gelato. I would say she's the cutest duck in town, but Pompom lives here too and she is just as cute.

I made a new outfit for myself recently. A nice blue shirt and pleated white skirt. Something kinda smart but still kinda relaxed, and a little romantic, RE: town updates, we now have a lovely picnic area. This was something I'd been really hoping to add for a while, so I'm very happy to see it here!

Me and Gwen hanging out by the lemons (and Henry's house).

I've been making some of my flower patches a bit neater. I'm slowly growing more pink roses, and I want to make a few rows of them, particularly near the station.

Lastly, here is a picture of me on the internet, reading gardening forums and intimidating myself. Here's hoping the roses grow!


  1. omg... so cute! I can't start this game, I'm already addicted to Candy Crush not even funny

    1. Aw haha I don't feel like I have any time for other games between Animal Crossing and Pokemon Rumble World tbh


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