Tokyo Otaku Mode Wishlist

Once again I have found a super cute, adorable web shop. This one is hosted straight out of Tokyo and offers all sorts of cute Japanese goods including a great selection of San-X merchandise (because yes, I do want Rilakkuma everything). If you do plan on purchasing anything from Tokyo Otaku Mode, you can sign up via my referral link to get a $5 coupon (and I'll get one too if you make a purchase).

I've compiled a list of some of my favourite items available in the shop, so here they are:

1. A Basketful of Lemons Rilakkuma Mini Letter Set - $2.69 (about £1.70)

There are quite a few cute letter sets and stationary items available, but something about this fruity number caught my eye. I love the bright yellow and soft blue colour combo, and I guess it just feels so springy/summery and lovely.

2. Mr. Animal Lipstick Pouch - $6.29 (about £4)

I really like mini pouches because they help to keep me organised, and I think one specifically for lipstick or lip balm is a great idea because that is something that often gets lost in my bag. This pouch comes in two designs: the parakeet above and a black cat.

3. Love Berry Baby Alpacasso Plushies - $4.99 (about £3.20)

There are like a million Alpacasso plushies to choose from, but I like these mini ones because their apparent love for strawberries is something that resonates deep within my soul (even though I am more of a raspberry lover, personally).

4. Koko Sasu Paws - $3.89 (about £2.50)

Write on a cat's paw. Just do it.

5. Rilakkuma Smartphone Cushion - $12.99 (about £8.30)

These are both sweet and practical! I use my phone to watch things on BBC iPlayer, so I would very much like for a little bear to hold it up for me.

6. Mofutans Stickers - $1.89 (about £1.20)

Floppy bunny stickers are bound to make everything a little better. My favourite sticker is that one on the left with one bunny trying to eat the other bunny's face. I can relate to that.

7. Fake Thigh-High Bear Tights - $7.99 (about £5)

I've seen a lot of tights in a similar style to these, but these are some of the cutest I've seen so far and I absolutely 100% want my legs to be bears right now.

8. Kiiroitori Ippai Ballpoint Pen - $4.99 (about £3.20)

Rilakkuma's duck friend is hanging out on this pen and it is the best. What a squishy, sleepy little duck. I want to collect some cute pens like this to make my journal-writing experience that bit more fun.

9. Latte Kitten Coffee Straps - $2.70 (about £1.70)

This feels like a bit of a fraudulent addition because I don't like coffee, but look at these coffee kittens! This is such a nice concept. Hot drinks and cats are two of the greatest things in the world (although in my case the hot drink will usually be tea).

10. Sumikko Gurashi House Towel w/ Pocket - $6.49 (about £4)

My final item is this towel pouch. It seems like quite a handy little thing, perhaps for putting a few toiletries in, and the towel material means it could be useful for an unexpected spillage or for drying your hands. It comes in either blue or pink, and I slightly prefer the pink option.

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  1. Nice finds. I especially like the cat post its and key chain.


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