Pictures As Possessions

My latest Kids Doodle drawing ~ ♡

I think if I had to give up all possessions (excepting stuff like house keys and clothes) and choose a main thing to keep, I'd choose pictures. Or I guess, the devices that make and store them. Obviously I would choose my computer as a main thing to keep regardless, because it's the thing that I use to do everything, but let's just pretend that isn't part of the equation here.

Now that we are living in a digital dreamland of course, photographs take up little physical space. They are so quick to make, but the density of what they document is big and huge and amazing. Each picture is unique and can hold so much in terms of emotional response and personal memory. Camera rolls become scrapbooks and memory boxes and scrolling through photos is like, wow, look at all these things in the world, look at all the moments in the world, my world. And that's it - they are my own little world, scrollable and evocative of a million different precise feelings and memories. It's like having a battered suitcase with an old rag doll rabbit inside and shells from a beach trip and a special necklace, but instead you have these flat and versatile images.

I love pictures. I love 'em so much. I love that I can carry thousands with me in a tiny space if I want to. I love the power they have to bring me back to certain feelings. Pictures are my favourite.

Feeling pleasant and serene in the bathroom.

It's the lightest place with the biggest mirror.

My friend.

Testing my lipstick.

It matches my wall.

An evening close-up.

My incredible tattoo.

Diplodocus, mantis, witch.


  1. Couldn't agree more, I'd keep my phone, I think my camera may be redundant.

  2. I like the way you explain pictures. Taking up so little or no physical space but meaning so much.

    1. Pictures are emotional blue whales. Or Something.

  3. Aaaaa as u kno pictures and thinking and writing about images and digital space is my faveee and i am so into the notion of virtual ownership of images of tangible objects like designer clothes or ultra minimal apartments that we can't own literally but can through image, i think connects so much to the resurgance of the cabinet of curiosity model of curation irl via this notion of digital clutter, like a pixellated hermione's bag!!

    1. Yeah I started my inspiration blog on Tumblr for this exact reason because I decided I needed to not buy things (mostly clothes) when I don't need them, and also because I grew up super poor and have a heightened awareness about the need to save money also. So that blog became this space to record all the things I like and I found I enjoyed that more than buying and owning things. I also think that lead to more confidence within myself because I realised I didn't need clothes or objects to make me happy or to be the best version of me. It felt kinda like more meaningful ownership in that I was displaying these images and things I had curated, instead of keeping them in a dark wardrobe or something. Now I rarely even put pictures of clothes there, it's all art and pictures of people smiling with a cat or something like that. So yeah, I think that kinda digital ownership has been very personally empowering for me!


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