Painting A Pizza Box & Being The Sleepiest Baby

I felt like doing lots of things lately. I have some things I have to keep up with and I'm trying to keep up some experimentation with painting and using different textures and sizes and colours (and mostly pairing this with collage because collage is the main thing I'm focusing on at the moment). So I've been doodling and cutting out drawings and shapes and magazine pictures and combining things in different ways and seeing how different things look together. I've just been generally doing that sort of thing a lot and wearing a cardigan, y'know.

I have also been quite groggy and tired lately, so just trying to carry on with things even when I'm groggy. I have figured out a million tiny ways to be creative and to enjoy myself even when I am not in the best mood or at my best in general. Bodies and moods and LIFE are not necessarily very consistent things, so I try to be flexible and organised so I can deal with all of those things and be as bright and happy as possible no matter what (that's... the meaning of life, I guess, for me).

I get phases of being physically tired sometimes, so when that happens I just try to treat my body well and focus on my comfort. My ideal comfort level does involve drawing and organising and coming up with ideas, so fortunately I am usually able to keep doing something. Sometimes just enough though. I can spend a lot of time just thinking about or imagining something. I like going to bed because for whatever reason I enter a vivid fantasy world before I go to sleep and it's kinda the best.

I painted this pizza box because I wanted to use something reasonably bulky as a canvas as I usually use paper (and especially quite small pieces of paper or sketchbooks). I also kinda liked the idea of re-purposing a pizza box instead of using a fresh, new, blank canvas because then the thing you're painting on already has a little history, and that's a nice extra thing.

Elliot surprised me by ordering pizza for me one night, and this is the majestic pizza box from that magical occasion. A special pizza box.

I mostly tried to play with colour and shape here and I ended up painting it with my fingers towards the end. I think it ended it up more of a muddy colour overall than I would have liked, but I was still quite happy with the composition and the arrangement of all the different colours and blobs and splatters. I forgot how fun finger painting can be!

I also drew this little pink pal whilst doodling and I like the details of the shirt, pleated skirt, and little boots.

I had a moment where I couldn't get any felt tip drawings to look right, and then I ended up doing this wobbly drawing and finally I was able to draw again. Note to self: wobble if stuck. I'm sure that advice has many potential applications.

And to sign off this blog post here's a picture of my fuzzy reindeer friend who looks like he's doing a little wave with the hand I'm holding up. This little guy has been such a comfort to me every time I've felt sick or glum at home, or just when I've needed a bit of comfort, so thank you very much Mr. Reindeer.


  1. Thanks so much for the follow! Love your blog xx

  2. Thanks so much for the follow! Love your blog xx


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