Outfit: My Egg

shirt: gifted
shorts & shoes: Primark
socks: H&M
egg bag: Storenvy

I have some very good tiny bags and my aching shoulder is telling me to use them. I feel like warmer weather makes it harder to carry a big bag, and really, I probably carry around a bunch of uneccesary stuff anyway, so I thought I'd cut down and use some of my cute little bags to give my arms and shoulders a break and feel like a carefree baby able to carry only a lip balm and keys.

A cool trick for if you enjoy crop tops but are not committed to them enough to wear one for a whole day is to tie a longer t-shirt at the front so it becomes a temporary crop top. I can't handle them for too long because I feel like my tummy is my weak spot and I don't want to expose it to enemies. Also it gets cold easily because it's right at the centre of my body, where I keep all my heat.

Another useful thing are safety shorts for if you like to wear short shorts or skirts but want a little extra coverage underneath. I use cut off old tights when they wear out. You can also layer them up for extra warmth or to make them more opaque.


  1. You're the kind of person I would be desperately trying to make eye contact with in a public place. Super cute egg bag ya got there. :)

    1. My egg is my eye now. Look into my egg. Thanks :)

  2. omg my fave clash album-when is the song career opportunities not relevent ;___; also re your majestic bag i had a flashback yesterday???? to the phase in junior school where people said eggy instead of like pissy or whatever?? as in 'omg y are you getting eggy with me??' did your school do this also?? can we bring it back???

    1. YES Career Opportunities is such a fave. I don't remember having ever heard that in my life lmao that was clearly a special egg slang experience you had!


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