Outfit: Lace Little Black Dress

dress - eBay
necklace - Rokit
shoes & socks - H&M

Some days are party dress days whether you're actually attending a party, sipping a juice at home, or diving into a haystack. I bought this dress a few years ago for about £6 on eBay and it has served me well. It's the perfect, simple, dressy dress to me. I could go with or without the peplum, but my favourite details are the lace arm panels and flattering neckline.

Pearls and plummy lipstick also seemed like a good addition, just layering on that "hand me a cocktail, Jeremy" look piece by piece. And then some frilly socks to soften it a little and say "I would like a cocktail, but I would also like to amble through a ball pit", which is generally my party attitude.


  1. That's a cute party outfit. I love the shoes. I just tried on a pair similar to those on Friday. Coincidently, I wanted to buy them to match my black dress but decided against them since I already had a pair of dress shoes.

    1. Thank you! Brogues are my main shoe loves. They're the only shoes I have that really match smart looks, but they look great with casual things too.

  2. This is such a cute outfit and I love the red lipstick to match! Thanks for the follow on bloglovin. Keep up the awesome posts! :D


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