Outfit: Big Rilakkuma Bag & Red Jersey Shorts

bag & socks - eBay
(pyjama) top - Tesco
shorts & jelly shoes - Primark
lipstick - Seventeen Stay Pout in colour "Make An Entrance"

I am breaking out the big bag(s) here with my beautiful Rilakkuma face. It is very large and cuddly. I could probably fit the kitchen sink in there. Actually no, the kitchen sink is definitely a bit bigger. Still, it's large enough to hold a lot of things for sure, and it is very comforting to carry around a great big bear head that you can hug at any time. There are so many pros to this bag.

I got some new shorts recently. They are the perfect loose gym type shorts and they remind me of P.E. at school (but not too much). I liked them so much I got them in two colours - this bright red and a nice navy as well. I thought a bright, orange-toned red lipstick would go very nicely with these shorts. Y'know, coordinate with some red detail.

I am wearing my Moomin pyjama top because it is a very cute and breezy top which I have no desire to confine to sleeping areas only. I am also wearing some brand new and wonderfully nostalgic jelly shoes paired with stripy Totoro trainer socks. These socks really demand to be seen, so I'm glad I now have some partially transparent shoes to wear them with!

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