My Stationery & Notebook Collection

I love stationery and all my different notebooks and things so much, so I thought I would give you a little tour of my favourite everyday art supplies. Above are a few special bits and pieces: my clear sharpener from Muji (such a haven for stationary), cute rocket eraser and goldfish sharpener (these were gifts from my mum - excellent choices), and a dog eraser that must have been with me for a good decade or so by now!

My number one currently is the Berol brush felt tip pen set. I'm a big fan of felt tips generally, but I grew up with Berol ones and they've always been the best felt tips available. I like the brush style because they're tapered which allows for a bit more flexibility in lines. Also you can see my great big diary and a traditional Seawhite a5 sketchbook. I started using a day to view diary this year and it's perfect! So much space for my diary entries!

I have a bunch of other notebooks, including a few small moleskines (lined, blank, and storyboard style), some cute Rilakkuma mini notebooks, and this super tiny shell-themed notebook from Paperchase. I love tiny notebooks because of how portable they are (and I like drawing super small as well).

Here's a side view of some unused notebooks and my used a6 notebook on the right. I love that crinkly, battered look notebooks get when they're used.

My affection for Rilakkuma becomes even more apparent with this pencil case and paper pad set. I love this lazy bear.

I even have a Korilakkuma pencil case as well, all dressed up like a bunny.

How cute! :o)

And to top it all off I also have yet another pencil case in this odd Totoro style that makes dear Tot look like there's been some serious tail growth going on. Still, I love the fuzzy material and I will definitely not be running out of places to store my pens and pencils any time soon!


  1. Great haul! The strawberry notebook and pencil cases are so cute!

    Serena /

  2. Oh I love this! I think many bloggers have a thing with stationary and notebooks. Gosh, I know I have a problem with notebooks and writing utensils. The thing is... what am I possibly going to write/draw to fill up all of it?? Maybe eventually I'll fill it.

    Peace and Love,

    1. I feel like having lots of notebooks encourages to try my best to fill them up! I'm sure you'll get there eventually, haha!


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