Light & Buns

It's so light now that it's spring and all, so it's kinda nice to have light filtering into my scans. I like the ghosty fade into grey and then skin. Also it's really cool to notice that my hair matches my freckles and the skin around my eyes - all a little golden. Maybe my body is just absorbing all the tea I drink (because it's almost that colour too).

Another interesting thing is that you can see where the blood diverts away from the sections of scan pressed against the glass. It's weird how you can always see blood through some people's skin. Sorry if you're squeamish about that and I've just made you feel weird.

I feel so sleepy at the moment and I want to curl up in a patch of sunlight like a cat. I don't know what it is about sleepiness, but it seems to make me think about strange intricacies of existence or appearances or a specific kind of touch. I guess part of that is just that it's a gentle, nice thing, so it's comforting when I'm sleepy.

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