Let's Play Pokémon Yellow #7: Acquiring Key Skills & Teeth

We are in the lovely pink and blue safari city of Fuchsia, and we are being stared at by a sea creature.

It's time to take on the next Pokémon gym! Pikachu is well rested and ready to punch a bloke's face in.

This gym has invisible walls, but y'know, invisible walls that you can see. The theme here is poisonous Pokémon, so you have to knock 'em out quickly.

Koga, the gym leader, loves lunging. He trips over and makes the fight really easy for us that way.

Fuchsia City has an interesting attraction - the safari zone. After being all poisoned and what-not during that gym battle, I think it's only fair to have a bit of safari fun.

The safari zone warden lives here too, and it appears he's lost his teeth. He waggles his gums furiously for a bit, but I've no idea what he's trying to say. Probably that Niall is his favourite member of One Direction.

The safari zone is in the Northern part of the city, but before we check it out, I have a little errand to attend to.

Since we came to Fuchsia City from the East, we missed out the cycle path to the West, so we're gonna head back up to Celadon City. This means riding up a hill, but it's okay, I have very tough thighs.

Once we get to Celadon City, we find another Snorlax snoring in the road. I have to catch this one.

After some strong electrocution, this Snorlax is encapsulated in a small ball, where it can snooze to its heart's content.

Just up behind the cycle path and the path the Snorlax was snoozing on, we find a hidden house.

I don't have any theories for why this person is hiding out here, but for HM02 (which teaches Pokémon how to fly) I'm happy to keep my mouth shut.

After that little interlude, we can get to what I came back to Celadon City for - a leaf stone.

My angsty teen Gloom now gets to evolve into a much happier plant with big, healthy petals. You did good, kid.

Now we ride back down to Fuschia City, but not before being hassled by some rude bikers.

There's not much to say about the safari zone, as we're mostly pootling about in tall grass, but I did catch myself a bunch of eggs with eyes, so there's that.

I also found a sparkling set of false teeth.

I reached a shack somewhere in the centre of the safari zone, and it turns out I'm the first person to find it. My prize is a hidden machine that will help teach my Pokémon to swim.

Heads up Bert, we're heading to the flumes!

The gold teeth belong to the warden, so I gave them back to him. It turns out his favourite member of One Direction is actually Louis Tomlinson.

He gives me yet another hidden machine (bonding with strangers about One Direction will get you everywhere). This one teaches my Pokémon strength, allowing them to move heavy boulders and such.

Now that we are able to swim, I say it's time to head out into the sea and get salty!

It's a good time for recently evolved Odd to get in some fighting practice. Sap that fish good, son!

I found a gang of nerds in the sea.

And then suddenly in the middle of the sea we find this.

Pikachu is claiming this as our private island. He is sunbathing now.

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