Let's Play Pokémon Yellow #6: Go Away, Dracula

So, Pikachu and I were strolling through Saffron City again after all that ghost palava, and we decided to drop in on some corporate business folks because we're secretly well into business. Pikachu did a full A Level in Business Studies. He came out with a D grade and most of the classes were spent watching The Apprentice, but still.

We also bumped into this guy in the city, and quite frankly I can relate.

Anyway so we head into the Silph building and some goon stops us. I guess Team Rocket has once again infiltrated a place in the most shoddy manner possible. No one was on the ground floor, so it's not exactly the tightest security.

Wandering around and hassling lots of uniformed Team Rocket goons is fun, but then one of them offers to teach us some Pokémon evolution facts. This is a lot more educational than I would expect a bad guy to be. Maybe this guy just always wanted to be a teacher. I already knew this particular factoid though, because I'm so smart.

Apparently there's a little hospital ward in the building. That seems odd, but since I love napping (even in the middle of a siege), I won't ask any questions.

Who do I encounter in the middle of this mess but than my old rival, Meanie. He is TOAST. Side note: I actually stopped writing here and went off to make toast before resuming, because typing "TOAST" made me immediately desperate for toast. My stomach is clearly very easy to manipulate.

Meanie once again brags that he's ahead of me and rushes off. This guy really needs to calm down and do some gardening or something. Just look at a beautiful flower, Meanie, and maybe everything will be okay.

A Silph employee is so pleased that I've been beating up men that he gives me a sea creature. Thanks, mister.

I bump into Jesse and James again. Pikachu is more interested in the wall, which probably says a lot.

Giovanni literally looks like Dracula. Please don't suck my blood mate.

Giovanni fades into dust and a bald man thanks me for ridding vampires from his office. Also, the map on the wall looks like the screaming head of a dinosaur.

Anything, eh? Okay, get me a bouncy castle shaped like a cat. Right here, right now.

Oh, well, close enough I guess.

Not to get sidetracked, but I love the way Chanseys hang out at Pokémon Centres. They're great for morale. I want a big cuddly Chansey to chirp lovingly at me when I'm sick.

Now it's time to face the Saffron City Pokémon Gym! This city apparently has a thing for teleports.

I knew it. Bugs are smarter than us all.

She either has "psychic powers" or she's actually the same Sabrina who is a teenage witch. I'm not sure why she appears to have a whip. That doesn't seem very psychic.

After I defeated Sabrina she eloped with Derren Brown, never to be seen again.

Next we are heading south from Lavender Town. I thought it would be good for Pikachu to get to zap some water Pokémon for a bit to toughen up.

A sleeping Pokémon blocks my way. Time to wake that pudgy butt up.


I love Snorlax. Sadly I was not able to catch this Snorlax and I presume he rolled off into the sea.

We weeded out a bunch of fishermen, bikers, and bird breeders, and now we are almost at Fuchsia City!

Fuschia City has a really nice colour palette and some nice little Pokémon enclosures to look at. Probably one of my preferred cities, although it doesn't been the spooky/homely charm of Lavender Town. That's all for now. Pikachu and I are going to relax with this little guy. Until next time!


  1. You have literally just made me re-live treasured childhood memories. This game is such a boss.


    1. I must have played through so many times, it's so good!


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