Let's Play Pokémon Yellow #5: Meanie Lil

Welcome back to Let's Play Pokémon Yellow. Last time we removed some gang members from a gambling establishment, but what will we get up to this time? Well, I hear Celadon gym is full of plants, so I guess what we're gonna be doing is destroying the environment.

Apparently I'm on the ban list. I guess I shouldn't have left all those unfavourable Yelp reviews.

The trainers in here are clearly a bit amateur. They don't really care about winning. They're way too tired from tending to all their plants.

The gym leader herself (Erika) seems very cheerful. There's something about her sprite that I really like. She looks like she would wear mom jeans. Or mum jeans if you like, but it seems like a very American concept somehow so I always feel a bit wrong saying "mum jeans". And whilst we understand what a "soccer mom" is, I don't think we have an equivalent term in Britain. The only thing I can think of is "yummy mummy" which is totally different and always makes me think of literally eating a person. This went off on a weird tangent. BACK TO THE GAME!

This is a list of the people who have bested this gym, but I'm just gonna pretend it's my new nickname. I'm Meanie Lil from now on.

Check out all my sweet cash! Assuming the Pokémon currency is equal to yen, this converts to about £418. Not bad.

So let's spend some of my jangling change (I must have a massive coin purse) on some bottled water, because it's mighty thirsty work battling.

It's also thirsty work guarding city boundaries, so out of the kindness of my heart I bribed this guard to let us through. We're heading through Saffron City back to Lavender Town.

Team Rocket are so inept and yet apparently think they own a city. Okay. Good luck with that.

So there seem to be two gyms side by side here, but on closer inspection this fighting dojo is not the official gym. I decided to beat 'em up for trying to be sneaky.

Are they made of polystyrene though? Be honest.

I'm trampling all over this guy's dreams and he just wishes I would do it in my socks.

After I beat the main fighting dojo dude, he begs me to join the dojo. No thanks sir, I have a quest to catch a lot of animals. He gives me a Hitmonchan to thank me for being the best.

[insert gin joke here]

We're back at the spooky ghost tower in Lavender Town and I am fighting this ghost with pointy eyes and teeth.

I can see everyone's been on the wine here. All these channellers are trying to drink my blood or something.

The joke's on you, because I don't have one.

That's what they all say.

The tower is swarming with ghosts and these bone-loving pokémon. I caught one and thought it would be nice to give it a title.

After dodging a lot of apparently possessed channellers, I finally reached the last staircase in the tower, only to find a mysterious voice calling out to me.

A ghost?! I'm not sure what the difference between ghost pokémon and actual ghosts is, but okay.

So it turns out the Silph Scope can inform me of the identity of the ghost, and this means I can fight it. It makes perfect sense!

After defeating the ghost Marowak I find Mr Fuji at the top of the tower. He had been kidnapped by Team Rocket to help them do... something. I'm not really paying attention. He gives me this flute because he knows about my secret desire to play in an orchestra. What a nice man.

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  1. This is so cute!
    Pokemon Yellow was my favourite game - I love having Pikachu following me about.
    I need to dig out my Gameboy & relive my childhood haha x

    Small&Blonde ♥


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