'Kids Doodle' Drawings

I am sharing some beautiful and cool drawings I made with the best app in the world: Kids Doodle.

I like the mismatched colours, the ugliness of certain options (like the glow brush used on my two last drawings here) and the smallness of the images. It's refreshing sometimes to come back to small, low quality things in a time where huge pictures and file sizes and lossless, transparent PNGs are the norm. The smallness of the screen you're drawing on also forces you to be a bit ham fisted with your strokes, which adds to the chunky, simplified aesthetic. I love it a lot because it totally goes with my passion for the simplified and viscerally pleasant process of drawing when you don't care very much about your outcome or being neat.

For some reason something about this reminds me of when, back in the golden days of Myspace, I loved visiting the self styled graphics pages that had profiles and pages full of their meticulously edited and curated graphics just for jazzing up profiles. I loved this and it's one of the things I miss most about Myspace (I liked picture contests too).

Anyway, look at all this colour! These pictures are like the inside of my brain/heart/soul/whatever.

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