Journalling! Blobs! Bands!

I feel so good journalling right now! There are so many blobs and stars and smiles to draw and cut and stick! I love it. Thanks. As per my journal inspiration post from yesterday, I have been doing some journalling too. My favourite is this green blob page because I was painting some other things and I usually like to use up the last dregs of leftover paint on painting some blank pages or scraps of paper. I didn't know what I was going to do with these painted things, but they transformed into this lovely blob creature. My most spontaneous and most simple and most cool page I think. I love this blob.

I really like using envelopes to draw on and cut shapes out of. It feels different to using fresh, blank paper. Both are good, but just a bit different. I also like the different colours and textures on envelopes. I love the blue screentone-like insides to some envelopes. A variation of pen thicknesses is good too. A variation of anything is pretty good, I mean I guess that's the point of collaging a lot of the time.

I have fallen deeply in love with Fall Out Boy's album American Beauty/American Psycho so I had to dedicate a little bit of space to them. Bubble writing never gets old. It reminds me of doing title pages in exercise books at school. They were fun.

I think my attitude really dictates the way I journal and it's important for me to have a space to not care a huge amount about what I'm doing. That way it feels genuine and my creativity doesn't get lost in the effort to make something very consciously.

I love journalling so much! It's the best thing and I love being able to just stick down a picture of Harry Styles and a picture of a lemon and draw an eye on the lemon or something and just have that fun kind of stuff happening. Yep!


  1. omg i love this and u need to do cover art for fall out boy?? like this needs to happen??


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.