Inspiration: Laurent Moreau

I came across a super colourful Laurent Moreau piece on Pinterest the other day and I loved the shapes and palette and concept so much. I'm a big fan of insects and grassy outdoors (it reminds me of my childhood) and something about his composition and colour choices here are so pleasing to me.

The imagination in Moreau's pieces is captivating. He comes up with such clever and simple concepts and executes them in such a cute style. I love the way he uses lines and thicknesses and simplistic shapes to denote texture, movement, and narrative. I almost feel like I am sharing a private joke with him when I look at his work. It is also so polished and illustrative - the total opposite of me, usually. I love the clean feel to his work. It lends itself so well to prints.

I think my favourite detail among the pictures I've included here is the sequence of wavy lines on the woman's head as it drifts away from her body in the third image.

all images taken from
If you would like to know more about Laurent Moreau, I found a lovely interview with him, which you can read here on Ape On The Moon.

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