Inspiration: Journal Pages

Katie Ness
Journals are like my favourite thing in the world because they're so personal, they are portable objects, memory houses, and there's so many different ways you can fill them. Journals are like homes that you carry around with you and I love seeing people's journals, sketchbooks, diaries, etc. I love writing notes and ideas down, I love collecting small things and I love the entire concept of diaries and journals and diaries so much. They kinda feel like everything. Everything is in there.

Keeping and filling books was probably my favourite part of school (I still have my leaving book that I made everyone sign and stick funny things into, and I have a book that was given to me for my 17th birthday - an amazing scrapbook full of nonsense. One of the coolest presents ever.) I actually really miss the school exercise books that I totally, definitely never stole from the stationary cupboard in bulk.

I do have a bunch of notebooks piled up in my art drawer, and although I keep my daily diary in a dedicated day to view 2015 diary, I kinda want to do some serious, dedicated journalling seperately from that. There's a certain page feel that lends itself best to certain projects, and I find it hard to decide whether I like teeny tiny notebooks or bigger ones better, but I feel like my favourites are cheap and flimsy ones. I like when they make that crinkly sound when you turn the pages. It depends on what sort of thing you're doing though, and my main journal dilemma is when my pen bleeds through the page. That happens a lot, and although I love thin pages, I hate being forced to collage the next page to cover up the bleed through. Journal issues! I still prefer ones with thin pages though, because it just feels much more natural and carefree somehow. I'm psychologically affected by thick, high quality pages. It's too scary. I need non-threatening, weak pages!

Anyway anyway anyway, here are some super cool journal pages I have gathered to make me feel inspired and motivated and excited to journal. Please enjoy them.

Caitlin Hazell

Morgan / butt-kraken

Sibylle / lavendersprout

Quenby Sheree

Demii Whiffin

Katelyn / snugglysleepy


  1. Journal pages are one of my favorite things to browse through on Pinterest. Love your taste!

    1. I love them a lot. Glad you did too.


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