How To Be The Best

This is more of a big list of encouraging things and notes to myself than anything else (because I'm a tiny baby constantly giving myself pep talks and goals), but perhaps you can get something useful from this too and then be really pleased and eat a delicious chocolate egg or potato salad or lie down and hug a soft thing. That's my plan for after writing this post, anyway.

try to copy my face here

  • start using a tiny bag because this just isn't the time for carrying a massive bag around and hurting your shoulder, and you probably do not need to carry spare tights and t-shirts as often as you do
  • read a new manga series - there are so many of them and it feels good to absorb multiple volumes in one go like you're eating a textbook in a cartoon and afterwards you know everything, only in this case you know a comic story instead of how osmosis works
  • cook a good hot meal - there is nothing like that satisfied hot stomach feeling
  • drink a lot of water because you love the taste of it and it feels good
  • do big art things - take up a lot of space and don't worry about how you're going to transport or otherwise deal with things
  • don't get distracted for too long - do stuff today, not tomorrow
  • organise drawers and things for convenience and peace of mind
  • go outside if you feel glum
  • keep drawing all the time!
  • do spontaneous projects and ideas because sometimes they are the best
  • draw pictures of yourself with a cool school backpack
  • wear ugly comfy clothes and be content about it :-)
  • remember that smiley faces are excellent :o)

Alright, I think that's it for now. One last thing I want to tell myself is to keep making lists like this, because they are one of the most important tools to me and they always remind me that I am so full of ideas and solutions and pathways. That's really important and nice to remember.


  1. Outside is a perfect place for doomy-gloominess, it's like the goodness in the air sucks it out or maybe it just diffuses to a negligible amount. These kinds of little note-to-self reminder lists are my favorite kind of lists but I have to work on actually doing them instead of spending all my time writing them! :)

    1. Yes, I do find list-making can be quite addictive at times, more fun than anything else!

  2. I love this so much ;___; (also hi! once again i am behind with blogging so am reading like a month worth of your posts rite now!!!) in terms of manga I've just started homunculus and it's really cool and good and i feel like you would like it too?? I STILL haven't seen uzumaki not that i don't want to but like when there's a film that seems that it will be really special i always put off watching it as it's too precious? i did the same with legally blonde 2?? i finally watched it today after a decade of putting it off? I am ridiculous also i really like legally blonde??! XOX

    1. Welcome back! WELL I guess if you read like that then it's more like a magazine, maybe, which is fun. I will absolutely check that out, thank you. Aw but you could watch precious things straight away and drink up their preciousness! idk. I actually have meant to rewatch Legally Blonde for a while because it's been YEARS since I've seen it and I have such a hazy memory of it now! Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx


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