Diary: Creativity & Coffee Cake

I started writing a little bit more messily in my diary this week and it felt really good to do so and not worry about how much the pens were going to bleed through to the other side or anything. For a diary or journal I think the messy look is the best (not that this is really all that messy). I like to see cracked spines and dog eared pages and all of those signs of use. They add extra character to something this personal.

I have been feeling so creative lately and I've been looking through journals and digital art and blogs and stuff and it's just great how much stuff there is out there and how much there is for me to do! Sometimes I feel like I have a million times more possessions in my head than I do in real space. Like if there was a way to quantify it, the stuff in my head would take up so much more room, sprawling out like the Louvre or something.

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