Animal Crossing Journal #18: Tulip World

Welcome to the beautiful town of Boy, at the moment coated in a gentle purple early evening light. Since I decided to do a bit of gardening so that the town wasn't completely covered in flowers, I've had some pretty neat dirt paths appearing. I'm quite pleased with them.

It was weeding day recently, and since there were no weeds in Boy that day, I've been granted the opportunity to bring in a nice hedge sculpture. But wait... what's that over on the bush?

My first snail! At this point it is very exciting indeed when I find an insect I haven't caught before.

I've been decorating my basement in a red and romantic style. It has a lovely bath and lots of sweets and peaches. It is the general bathroom though, so there's also a toilet. I'm trying to figure out how to make a toilet romantic.

One of my favourite bedroom ornaments is this owl clock. It's just really cute, and I love the way it looks at me.

Here's me and Molly relaxing on Main Street in the rain.

Our new topiary is unveiled! The tulip style was my favourite. It's a shame you can't have animal shapes though. I would have loved a poodle topiary.

Everyone's happy though!

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