5 Favourite Small(ish) YouTubers

I love YouTube a lot and I love watching YouTubers with mega subscriber counts like Essie Button and Fleur De Force, but sometimes I get frustrated with how hard it can be to find lesser known YouTubers. As an antidote to this, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of some of my favourite YouTube discoveries. Here goes.

1. DreamOnMaddie - British, approx. 1600 subscribers

DreamOnMaddie crafts really pretty, thoughtful, and funny videos that deal with her thoughts and feelings on life and living and being. The editing is smart and cute, and every time I watch a new video I feel like I've drank up a nice little lake.

2. Margot Vandersmissen - Belgian, approx. 700 subscribers

Margot makes simple videos often about things she is enthusiastic about, like Harry Potter and beds, but the charm of her videos is her natural humour, pacing, and expressions. She cracks me up. She also posts songs, which are pretty ace.

3. ellawelly - British, approx. 6000 subscribers

With fun editing elements and silly humour similar to DreamOnMaddie, ellawelly is another YouTuber keen on musing about the way we think with a little bit of surreal and humorous flair, Γ  la KickthePj.

4. SoSonia - American, approx. 5600 subscribers

SoSonia makes incredibly stylistic, cinematic videos. She is inspiring, genuine, creative, and so hardworking, Her videos are like little pieces of the best version of the world.

5. grimbleism - Australian, approx. 9000 subscribers

These videos look like they've aired on e4. More like short films than YouTube videos, grimbleism's channel is a funny and slightly spooky little world.


I also keep a list of recommended channels at the top right corner of my YouTube channel page, so if you're looking for more channels to check out, please do go and scout through my list and I'll keep adding to it indefinitely. I try to focus on adding channels with smaller subscriber counts to this box as I know it's harder to find them.

An honorary mention also goes to Haley Blais (approx. 30,000 subscribers), because she's amazing.


  1. YES the same goes to blogs on bloglovin/other blogging platforms!!!! popular blogs are great (they've got to be in order to be popular, anyways) but there are diamonds in the rough that produce such amazing content but don't get the recognition they deserve, and that's a shame.

    1. Most of my Bloglovin favourites are blogs with pretty modest follower counts and I think it's easier to get more shiny and corporate and distanced from your readers with bigger numbers. Smaller blogs tend to read so differently and almost feel more personal. It makes sense that editorial-esque blogs are popular and of course there are different styles of blogs (and I love some big name blogs too) but, yeah, it's interesting to note the differences and the way the numbers can affect what content is out there.

      I did set out to find YouTubers with less than 500 subscribers but they are so, so hard to find. On Bloglovin at least it's possible to sift through lots of smaller blogs easier than on YouTube, but I think both sites could do more to increase discoverability, and I think that would make both sites feel like richer creative spaces as well.


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