Sugar Bunny Shop Wishlist

I recently discovered this adorable webshop full of cute little original characters, and as I love cute stuff (and especially stationary), I thought I'd make a fun little wishlist featuring my personal favourite items.

Neapolitan Sticker Sheet

Sugar Bunny Shop has a really nice selection of stickers available, but this design was my favourite. Look at those adorable little ice cream bunnies! This kinda makes me want Neapolitan ice cream right now. I really love stickers because they have so many useful applications. You can use them to make notes and reminders cuter, to decorate parcels or letters, or to put on all sorts of things. I like to put stickers on my 3DS, and I have one lonely little blue heart sticker on my oyster card. Someone once showed me their oyster card which was covered in cat stickers. It was the best thing ever.

Neapolitan Sundae Necklace

You can also get the ice cream bunny trio on a necklace. I love the way the chocolate sauce is starting to drip down their heads and they don't even seem bothered by it! I guess you probably wouldn't if you were literally made of ice cream, but who knows?

Cupcake Kitties Sticker Sheet

This is another set of stickers I liked, and it's also another food/animal hybrid, so clearly this is a bit of a soft spot for me. They're kittens, and they're cupcakes. It's beautiful.

Fat Sheep Scarf

Another thing I picked out was this spring-friendly scarf with such a sweet design featuring some sheep frolicking amongst the flowers. I just love the design. It's so relaxing. I love watching sheep and cows in fields, just lounging on the grass. I think I want to be a sheep, just a bit.

Mashimaro Bistro Mug

My final pick was this mug. Like everything else in the shop, the design is super cute, but I also liked the rounded shape of the mug, and the glitter detail. This would be a very cosy mug to have a hot drink from. The bunny is supposed to be a marshmallow, which I guess is why it is comfortable sitting in a hot chocolate.

I hope seeing all these cute bunnies and things makes you feel a little bit warm and fuzzy inside. Which item is your favourite?

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