Style Details: Thumbelina

I take a lot of my style inspiration from cartoons, I suppose because cartoon characters get to be a bit more wacky than flesh and blood people. I always liked the 1994 movie Thumbelina for its particular brand of spooky, cutesy oddness, and because, y'know, the fairy prince is adorable (gotta love that triangular hairstyle).

There are so many interesting outfits in this film, but I've just screengrabbed a few cool ones. First of all there is this very Borrowers-esque bridal look Thumbelina has when she walks down the aisle to marry the mole (are you singing in your head yet?). The ruff is nice, and I like the use of the weird flower as her bouquet and the heavy make up. What I love most about this look is her hair. It's a cross between Pippi Longstocking and an abacus.

It's cute though, look at that little tuft of hair she has at the front. I love that.

Here she is in the same dress after escaping. Juaquamo is swooning. He has a really good hat.

I like her simple headband and puff sleeves after being reunited with the prince. Apparently fairies love snogging.

Thumbelina is very excited to grow wings. If someone proposes to you, you will immediately grow wings. Good to know.

The wings are very stylish though. I love the beads of light glistening as they move. Where can I get this installed?

Their wedding attire is pretty snazzy. Quite simple really, but I love the sheer and gently glittery details of the dress, as well as the scalloping along the hem. The crown she has is cute too, and notice she has a sweet little bouquet of flowers this time round.

Cornelius' parents are beautifully dressed in bright royal robes and their amazing flower crowns. I really love that detail. There seems to be quite a Tudor influence throughout the film, which is interesting (I mean, no codpieces, but y'know).  There's some more subtle sheer detailing on the queen's puff sleeves. Her lapels are oddly 60s sci-fi and pretty cool. This is a big flower cosplay, basically, which I'm all in favour of.

I'm gonna need to go hunt for the vale of the fairies now.


  1. Omg that first photo!! The hair! Not a cartoon but still cartoonish style icon=cindy lou who. omg i think i need to a style post on her??? why did i not do one at christmas? gah this is my one regret in life! Also totally random but there was a stop motion film on tom thumb which was stop motion and it traumatised me so much as a child, i think i only saw a tiny bit but it scarred me! wait let me find you a photo-
    gah it was worse than i remembered!!
    also ily and your blog is always the best!!!

    1. wow the random spaces that appeared make this comment seem extra dramatic!

    2. Yessss Cindy Lou Who! I would love to try emulating her hairstyle sometime. That photo does not looks very appealing at all. ily2 BRL (I'm initialising to make you sound like a cool rapper/corporate entity).




    4. OMG YES! i remember there was a jerky tumblr post going round like 'ladiez stop wearing top knots your not lana del rey you look like cindy lou who' and its like ummm whats wrong with cindy??? and omg i would be the BEST CORPORATE ENTITY. Also my initals kinda sounds like BRILL (which is a word when said it my head has a frank sidebottom accent to it?) and i know!!! why is it so creepy D:

    5. WHAT IS THE ISSUE PEOPLE HAVE WITH TOP KNOTS?! I was reading Evening Standard magazine yesterday and they said that it was NOT HOT for men to have top knots. People who don't like men to have long hair/put that hair in buns are not people I understand.


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