Pip & Pop's Pepto Bismol Wonderland

photos via Cross Connect Magazine
 Pip & Pop is an intense collaboration between artists Tanya Schultz & Nicole Andrijevic, featuring sprawling installations of colourful dunes and rocks and patterns. It's a bit like a combination of Willy Wonka, fairies, and Woolworths.

I am really fascinated by any sort of installation or artwork that creates a world, whether physical and explorable or not. This stuff with all its light but intense pastel colours and crumbling, delicate landscapes reminds me of some work by an MFA Wimbledon graduate of 2014 (you can see a little bit of it at the end of this post).

For my degree show this summer I want to create some type of world, but I am much more personally interested in making something worldly but tiny, or maybe something digital. I want people to be able to feel like they can take it with them in some way - like a series of webpages they can visit anywhere, or little zines that take up real space with someone after they leave. There's something about that for me - the idea of carrying a world around with you.


  1. Wow! These are beautiful! I wish there was a world like these we could all escape into when ours gets too ugly. Thanks for sharing these :) xo

    1. Yeah that'd be really nice. I hope there would be sandwiches too.

  2. OMG this is so colourful! I love it and I want my entire apartment to look like this.
    Artpieces like this are so inspiring, aren't they?
    Makes me want to draw a pastel color picture. Maybe I should... :D

    1. Yeah and this is such a BIG art piece! Go for it, and show me what you come up with :-)


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