Outfit: Red Cardi & Joggers

'Joggers' is a pretty cute word for what I like to call either trackie bottoms or lounge trousers (when using the word 'lounge' one must always say it like Rik Mayall in Bottom). Whatever your preferred terminology, they're great. They're the perfect relaxing trouser style, and they are such a big part of my personal style and comfort wear that I can definitely make them work with a lot of outfit variation. Light grey is my favourite neutral colour as it has an uplifting lightness, but is also very gentle and soothing. Also something about grey just works really nicely with any sort of colour.

I also wore my oversized Madness t-shirt because it's super loose and comfy, and my big red cardigan because it's perfect for transitioning weather as it's not a big fumble to get it on and off every time. That and the fact it's just pleasantly massive, meaning it can go a long way to warm your whole body up when necessary.

This is obviously a super casual outfit, and actually it's pretty much my pyjamas, but y'know, pyjamas are extremely relevant to my personal style because they tend to be the most comfortable and cosy items of clothing. I aim to dress in a way that allows me some overlap with my sleepwear and day wear. I remember being out on a weekend once when I was at high school when a girl I went to school with proudly told me her top was actually a pyjama top. I was a bit impressed by her commitment to pyjamas.

me and my good pal

Totoro ankle socks & Primark plimsolls

this is a collage of the sequence of beautiful images that resulted from me not being quick enough for the timer


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