Outfit: Cosy Knit Post Box

Ed and I were taking some band photos recently alongside his new mantelpiece (whilst we guzzled tea and played with a toilet-roll destroying Dachshund), and I thought I'd take the opportunity to use a nice new background for outfit shots. I had meant to take some earlier in the day at home, but didn't end up having time to do so, so it was nice to get the chance to later on.

jumper - New Look
shirt - gifted
skirt & tights - H&M

This look is very similar to my 'red skirt & white thigh highs' look, but a little more practical with white tights instead of thigh high socks, and my comfy cream knit added for extra warmth and cosiness. The skirt is such a bright red that it does make me feel like I'm dressed up as a post box or flower (or some kind of terrifying hybrid). The white tights are similarly bright and are good for when you want to feel like a little girl or ghost. They're very stark, and I like that flat, one colour look on my legs, but there's something a little different about having them white instead of something like the red of my skirt or a mustard yellow (I'm coveting mustard yellow and lilac tights right now - I need my legs to be all the colours).

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