Outfit: Bart Simpson Tee & Shorts

top & shorts: Primark
shoes & socks: H&M
bag & bracelet: Gifted
earrings: Charlie's Rock Shop (but these were gifted too)

Is it shorts weather yet? This Bart Simpson t-shirt is one of my favourite and most playful items. Bart was pretty much my idol when I was ten. I tried skateboarding at around age fourteen, but I stopped after the first time I fell over and hurt myself. Still, Bart's delinquency was inspiring to me as a (not really very delinquent) class clown type. The socks might be a bit much here, but I like to combine a lot of textures when wearing black. I love the little sequin bag, given to me by my mum. It makes me feel like a kid going to a party. When I was little I had a round red beg with white polka dots. It was small because I was small, and it was the best thing ever. I kinda miss it.

I'm happy my hair is just about long enough to put in a plait like this. I can do French plaits, but I want to work on being able to do one that goes down the back of my head, as at the moment I can only do it at the front/side of my head. Plaits are amazing, but logistically confusing. I also wore my darkest lipstick (Barry M in shade number 160) which makes me feel very bold and like the queen of blackberries.

Special mention also goes to my colourful bead bracelet. It's the first thing my boyfriend ever gave to me, and it was made in the pattern of a moth's DNA sequence. The beads don't match up any more because it broke once and they weren't put back in all the right places. It's still perfect anyway, whether in the right sequence or not.



  1. This outfit reminds me of jodie foster in taxi driver combined with jodie foster skate boarding!!! for like half an hour last month i wanted to be a skate boarder as i saw that documentary dog town and z boys and made a never ending mood board on it, but idk it was a short live phase! Like 2 hours! Also I love that t shirt! Tho rod and todd will always be my favesssss <3333

    1. Imagine a Rod and Todd t-shirt though! Yes please!

    2. omg stop, that would be everything? i would never take it off!!! my life mission is to find one! a full flanders wardrobe of merch!!!!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the tee haha!



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