Mini Adventures

I thought I'd upload a few chill phone photos from recently to remind myself of all the good and happy things around me right now. Every day is like a mini adventure, even if the adventure is just tucking into some good pasta or looking at the local trees. I've always been a bit mesmerised by trees. They're big and spindly and live for so long. They are like majestic plant guardians.

This cat followed me along a fence and made so much noise. It was probably giving me some life advice.

I take pictures of myself a lot because I am a cool body and I look a bit different every day and like to acknowledge how interesting and great that is! Also I love to poke my squishy cheeks. I'm so entertaining to myself.

Same again but this time just relaxing at home in my loungewear and thinking about the structure of my face and the way my hair falls and the way light flows across my skin.

My bandmate's little dog is so spooked by me, but fortunately he loves socks, so maybe if I cover myself in socks he won't be scared of me any more.

And finally here are some pictures of Elliot. The yellow light makes me feel so cozy! :-)


  1. I love the photos and you can find magic in the things around you. :D


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.