Let's Play Pokémon Yellow #4: Evil Fashion Bloggers

So, last time we made it through a cave. This time - well, my Oddish has reached its difficult teen years. It's borrowing a Taking Back Sunday album from me. Hopefully that will help.

We are heading to a new town (we're getting pretty well travelled now).

In Celadon City, Pikachu and I spot this mysterious figure dressed all in black. Maybe it's Dan Howell.

Oh, right, it's a member of Team Rocket.

Up on the top of a building with extremely lax security, we find this room. Clearly it is occupied by a kindred spirit.


So Celadon City is "The City of Rainbow Dreams" according to the shiny tourist sign. That's nice. Gay pride parades run through about every twenty minutes. Pikachu and I have purchased coconut bras and glowsticks from the impressive department store nearby. And possibly some tequila. We are ready for pride.

We stopped into a little restaurant at the bottom of the town and made the grave mistake of talking to a stranger. We seem to have upset him.

And then he threw his wallet at us.

At least this guy is enjoying himself.

I decided to check out the slots in town. Pikachu tried to hold me back, but I said "look Pikachu, I'm the one with the cash, so I make the decisions here".

Apparently no one here is keen to talk, to the extent that they'll pay you to go away. Unfortunately for them, this only encourages me to talk to them more.



We found a SECRET ENTRANCE. Well, I hope we're not killed.

So I came across a Team Rocket member and I was like "lol Team Rocket sucks" and he got all mad.

It turned out we needed to get into the lift to get to the bottom of this weird secret base, but fortunately Team Rocket are hapless goons. I distracted this one with some gummi worms.

And then who do I bump into but my old friends, the colourful hair gang. They are evil fashion bloggers.

But I have a big monkey who can scare them away. Thanks again, Bryan.

This hench Italian bloke in a suit is apparently the leader of this troupe of incompetent goons. I'm guessing he pays them less than minimum wage, so I can understand their misdirected rage.

Anyway I beat him up because I'm much stronger than beefy men, and I got some kind of scope for my efforts. Everything looks pretty normal through it, so I'm not sure what it's for, but I'll hang on to it. I love a good scope, me.

This was a particularly mean comment slung at me on my way out. Rats are nice. And I love cheese much more than your average rat. You can actually summon me by saying "applewood cheddar" into a mirror three times.

After all that fuss, I thought I'd take a break and visit the games department at the store.

Apparently in this game you can buy Pokémon games. So Pokémon games exist inside the Pokémon universe? Wow.

Nice one, game.

Okay, I think we've done enough for this instalment. Tune in next time, where hopefully we will not be attacked by evil fashion bloggers. My baseball cap and backpack are very stylish, thank you very much.

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