Let's Play Pokémon Yellow #3: Starting Fights On Boats

Last time on Let's Play Pokémon Yellow, Pikachu fell in love with a Clefairy and I nabbed myself a snazzy new bike. This time, we are getting on a cruise ship. I've heard there will be a Michael Bublé tribute act. Can't wait.

The first thing we did once we got onto the ship was stroll into this bloke's room and annoy him. Pikachu tried to steal his fedora, and then he got really angry.

I mean... yeah, I agree. You're not my friend though.

Amazing Bryan evolved into an amazing Primeape with BIGGER FISTS and ANGRIER EYEBROWS. I love Bryan.

So at one end of the ship I bump into my old 'pal'. He likes to, er, crawl around in grassy areas. Whatever floats your boat, mate (that's double funny because we're on a boat).

After my dear rival has run off to crawl around in some grass (again), I headed up to the captain's room. Seems like he's eaten some dodgy prawns. Thankfully, a quick back rub solves food poisoning, and the ship's soon on its way. I got off before it departed though, because I was really just here to fight sailors.

After our 'relaxing' cruise time, my Pokémon and I made a bee-line for the local gym. It's full of bins because Lt Surge is trash.

He has only a single, lonely Pokémon and won't even face me for this fight. He thinks he's Bruce Springsteen.

After success at the gym, a police officer outside gives me a baby turtle. This seems suspicious, but it's cute, so I'm sold.

Next up we hit the Rock Tunnel to the East of Cerulean City. I can now use one of my Pokémon as a living torch to light my way through the tunnel. This guy backpedals tremendously after losing to me. Bless.

And who do I find lurking in here but a fellow Pat Benatar fan! We abandon our Pokémon to have an intensive karaoke session in the cave.

Did I tell you I got a Mr Mime? I got a Mr Mime. His name is Miles. Mr Miles Mime.

Bert has become a burly teenager! Hooray for Bert!

Bryan is just obscenely strong at this point.

Don't be rude.

And we have thus reached Lavender Town. This is definitely one of my favourite towns across all of the Pokémon games. I love the whole spooky nature of the place, the music, and I probably also like it just because I really like lavender.

One of my favourite things here also is that in Japanese 'Mr Fuji' is 'Fuji-san', and 'san' also means 'mountain', so he is literally called 'Mount Fuji'. I love finding out about all the cool little things that were lost in translation.

I found a Lavender Town resident who hates space exploration.

I thought I'd check out the memorial tower. Some of these people who've come to pay their respects have some pretty heartbreaking dialogue.


Heading up the stairs, who do I bump into but my arch nemesis, Meanie. He is as insensitive as ever.

He is very chirpy after I beat him in a Pokémon battle. I guess it's just being around death. It energises him.

I'll come back to the tower later, but for now I'm gonna head West and check out a new town. This seems like a good time for a break though, so catch up with me in the next instalment, where I will be destroying the hopes and dreams of the trainers around me with the assistance of a teen turtle (who is neither a mutant or a ninja).

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