Diary: Ruby Fruit & Diamond Glitter

I feel a bit more spontaneous this week in terms of writing my diary and doing drawings and things. Everything feels a bit loose and comfy and breezy. It's the best when creativity gets like that. It's way too easy to get rigid with anything artistic because I naturally do a thing, like that thing, and want to keep doing that thing. At some point this means I'll be inadvertently trying to replicate something, and then I have to realise and remind myself to shift into something a bit different, to jolt myself back into a flow. That's why there's always this process of spontaneity and newness and excitement followed by a fall back into an unconscious way of making. Totally thoughtless. And then something about a movement or shape or idea hits me and all the awareness of being alive, and how drawing makes me feel alive, is back.

This week I painted my nails with dark red and iridescent glitter, watched bad UFO shows, ate a really good pizza, and chopped up a couple of magazines for collages.

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