Diary: A Great Big Surprise Pizza (And Other Tales)

This week was another good food week, with a massive pizza which came to my house unexpectedly, a delicious stew, and my first trip to a Harvester. I also finally got an instagram account, and have briefly enjoyed being outdoors. Good times.

It was Elliot's birthday weekend, so we did some fun family and friends things, and I gave him a Puzzle Bobble 3DS game and a buster sword keyring. I love getting to draw all over wrapped presents. To be honest though, if drawing all over everyone's faces was more socially accepted I would probably do that too. There's a little Jigglypuff spirit inside me who wants to draw on your face.

Here's a sit-down diary vlog type thing that I'm trying out (the thumbnail is cracking me up, so I consider this a success based on that alone):

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