Diary: Big/Small Things & Being A Blanket

So it's April already and the sun has been saying hello in a big way for the past few days. I had one of those weird moments where time and life and everything don't really seem real. Maybe I just have Easter egg poisoning, but it just seems strange that it can be April, and I'm here, and everything is the way it is. I made some collages yesterday and I think I'm getting to a place where I might know what I'm doing for my degree show. I'm not promising it because I know I have to try to do something that will please and impress everyone else and I don't know how to do the perfect thing. There is no perfect thing. But I'm closing in, I think, on my thing.

I finish uni in 2 months. That's kind of big. But it feels small. Everything feels kinda small. What feels big is when I eat hummus. That feels like a Substantial Moment so much more than things that are supposed to be milestones.

Here are my diary entries for this week (I will be eating hummus while you look at them, probably):


  1. You have amazing drawing skills! :)



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