Chunky Magazine Collages

I'm trying to experiment with a lot of different stuff like I did during my A Levels. I decided to do some big magazine collages focused on folding down sections of pages and affixed, torn images. The folding creates a really cool protrusion effect with parts pointing and sticking outwards. I feel like it gives more of a gravity and largeness to these pieces in person. I'm really pleased to bring a bit more dimension into my work as I'm so used to working with a lot of flat and digital pieces which sometimes lack an impactful physical presence.

Also it's nice to work with found and re-purposed images instead of my own. It feels fresh in a way because I don't see the creation process of these images, I just see them as they are, already completed, and then I get to interpret them and apply new meaning to them and distort them. It's very different from working with my own things that I've made from scratch, and in a way that adds another layer (or a different layer) of density to the compositions.

I like the size of them too. A3 pages feel big and small at the same time. I want my work to be portable and compact - a mini world - but I also would like it to feel large and engrossing. You can see a smaller one I tried, taped to the wall above the six A3 collages. I like it, but A3 allowed me to insert more compositional elements and make more folds.

Look at my dorky smile in this photo! I should be wearing some peach coloured overalls with a big daisy on the front pocket.


  1. Love this work! I had so much fun during Art A-Levels, would love to snap my fingers and go back. I might have to try some of these they'd look great on my walls!

    1. Yeaaaaaaah I highly encourage it! x


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