British Blossom: Spring In London

The sign at Arterberry Road bus stop is surrounded by beautiful pale pink blossoms.

So many trees around me are covered in beautiful little flowers at the moment. I've seen a million incredible pictures of Japanese sakura, but there's so much blossom to see here too. I thought I'd take some pictures out and about of some pieces of this particular nearby wonderland. I tend to find walks and journeys really invigorating generally, because there's always so many lovely, tiny details to take in, but blossom season is so special and perfect. The world is such a beautiful place, and I'm reminded of it all the time. Look at all these cute trees!

A close up of some white blossom with pink speckles with light filtering through the tree branches.

I don't really know much about botany, and I find it a bit tricky to learn about (it seems sort of mathematical, somehow - too dense), but it's so fascinating and cool. I'd love to know what different trees and blossom are and why they are structured and coloured the way they are, but I'm like a five year old staring up at them with a melty ice cream. I sort of like it that way though. It's a nice sense of clueless wonder.

Yellow blossom seen from underneath.

I like to fantasise that I was born from a blossom. Maybe I've just watched Thumbelina too many times (let me be your wings and all that). I'm definitely gonna convince my boyfriend to get that triangular fairy prince hair style.

A close up of some bright yellow blossom.

Pink blossom and thin branches against a white-grey sky.

A tree with pink blossom outside a suburban house.

Delicate pink blossom seen against a clear white sky.

An alternative angle of light pink blossom seen against a clear white sky.

A tight bundle of white blossom with sparse and soft green leaves.

The sun shines on pink blossom and red-orange leaves.


  1. Aw, I love spring! I've been out on a walk just a day ago to do what you did:
    Trying to catch the blossom on photo. I really wish I could go an see the japanese
    cherryblossom at one point in my life. Not that those trees are any diffrent than
    in other countries, but it's... I don't know, different! :D

    1. Yeah for me it's definitely the Sakura culture surrounding it, it's really interesting! I especially want to try Sakura flavoured foods!

  2. awww! i suhc a big fans of England, London! i wish i could travel there someday.. :)

    1. I hope you get to come here and have a great time! :-) xx

  3. lovely photos, blossoms are one of the best things about spring and they're just so pretty <3

  4. beautiful photos, i would absolutely love to go to london in the springtime!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Thank you, yeah it's really astounding just how much blossom there is everywhere right now! Especially in more suburban areas.


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