Birthday Present Wrapping & Good Cookies

A handdrawn birthday card and envelope.The envelope says "birthday card which I made myself because I am really smart"

One of my favourite things about other people's birthdays is getting to decorate cards and presents. I always like to make my own cards with paper and put loads of drawings and stickers all over presents.

Elliot's birthday was a little while ago and I gave him a few cheap DS games and some keyrings. Decorating the package was 100% the best part though. I get this great feeling from putting together a package like this. It's hard to describe, but it's like a special kind of satisfaction, like I have done something very important.

A brown jiffy bag decorated with drawings and sparkly pink stickers.

I had some Nickelodeon stickers to use up, but I'm not sure who all the characters are. I guess part of being an adult is not knowing what all the kid's shows are.

The front of the jiffy bag, which is also decorated with drawings Nickolodeon stickers, and bubble writing that says "present time".

A picture showing me reflected in the circular mirror at my desk. Just below the mirror are a cuddly toy owl and a bag of cookies.

I also have these great triple chocolate cookies sitting my desk. They're those perfect big and soft ones. It also feels really good to have a packet of cookies like this. It makes me feel like a little kid who is well stocked for an adventure. I feel like I should have a colourful little backpack to put them in, or maybe a book bag.

A closer image of me with the camera in my hand, leaning a little to one side.

Accidentally, I wore light grey on light grey. All light grey is a pretty good look though. It feels so calming and natural. I think the kid with the packet of cookies and the cutely decorated brown envelope birthday present would wear all grey. I mean, I know they would, because they're me, but y'know, it all seems to fit. There's a serendipity to this.

A clearer picture of the owl and cookies. The owl is resting on a pair of textured woolly tights.
owl & tights & cookies make me very happy

A picture of me, again seen in the circular mirror, holding a small Totoro toy.
Tot's grey too, so of course we match :o)

My cuddly Totoro toy lying down against a reporter's notepad.
Totoro keeps falling over

The bag of cookies. They are triple chocolate cookies from The Co-op's truly irresistible range.
honestly, such good cookies

Part of my wall's collage, including a Facebook screenshot, paper doll cut-out, and two pictures of myself.
this is a little part of my wall that I like, a good combination of things


  1. I also love dressing up presents! I just feel that more than the presents is the effort you go to for that someone special! I love using ribbons and stickers to adorn my gifts! Xxx great post! Xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstickl


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