Band Practice

Me and Ed standing in front of a mirror. He is looking at the ground and I am smiling.

Over the Easter weekend Ed and I got together to record some stuff and take a few pictures - and of course keep our mascot Floyd entertained with such exciting delights as toilet roll, socks, and small pieces of cheese. We have some new songs up - a cover of Rita Ora's R.I.P. and our own frenetic dance number: Dancing On The Outside. My favourite song of ours at the moment, however, has to be Dominoes (Pop Mix). It's a catchy ode to self determination.

You can also check out my vlog of our dachshund-focused hangout here.

A second photo of the two of us in front of the mirror. Ed is looking longingly into the mirror and I am looking blankly at the camera. There are bird and pineapple ornaments between us.


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