Animal Crossing Journal #17: Eggs

It's time to revisit the wonderful town of Boy, of which I am the glorious twin-bunned mayor!

Here I am in my beautiful egg-themed kitchen. Easter was pretty great and allowed me to get all this sweet egg furniture. My favourite is the carpet. I just love that it's only quite subtly eggy and has a cute scalloped edge rug over wooden flooring. A really good and nice floor, that.

Here I am falling into a hole for the billionth time. When will this nightmare end?

I love how the moon is always around in all its wonderful incarnations. The moon is the real mayor. I am merely the human vessel it uses to catch hundreds of fish and then display them and love them forever. The moon loves fish, basically.

Maybe the moon sends us all these floating presents. I'm not sure why the moon would be sending us weird and ugly things assembled from balloons, but maybe the moon is just a big joker.

My master bedroom is looking all cosy, with a teddy bear friend now to keep me company if I get lonely (every day). There's also quite a lot of plant life in here. I don't remember that being a conscious decision, but I'm glad to have my little plant family up here.

Toto likes the tranquillity of watching his toy train race on and on, around and around. He is mesmerised. Just wait until he gets a Furby.

My boyfriend is going for quite a pleasant, rustic feel in his house. I like visiting and staring at this pot of flowers. I love intimidating flowers.

Here's a fuller view of my kitchen. It's quite eggy,  but there's also a heap of guitars and kitchen appliances. I should probably get a dining table of some sort to go in here. I do have a dessert case though, so there's always chocolate Γ©clairs available.

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