Animal Crossing Journal #16: The White House

Check out my house's amazing new look! I've been doing a lot of renovating lately, both with my house exterior and the town itself. I'm keeping the original door for now, because I think it might be my favourite (I like the circular window panel).

Toto has decorated a little and here he is bonding with Alfonso. Sometimes I really wish you could have villagers move in together (or with you). I wish you could have more villagers in general as well. I love all of these animals so much!

My house with its original exterior.

Elliot and I went to the tropical island together. I can't believe Kapp'n doesn't sing when you go with someone else!

He callously walked past and left me to die in this hole.

Here we are getting really excited about being trapped in a small area by a series of boulders.

He loves to display his butterflies to me and I'm like "yes dear".

I've been on a bit of a project-building spree lately and Boy now has a new sign, water pump, and metal bench, as well as this delightful instrument shelter! I'm hoping to revamp our bridges sometime soon too.

Gwen and I obviously both love napping in public.

Why are a hamster and an octopus gossiping outside my house?

Beach shenanigans.

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