Animal Crossing Journal #15: Alfonso Loves Me

Lately, everyone in Boy has been renovating their houses. I personally have only altered my pathway, but I have some changes to my house exterior planned out. You'll have to wait and see what my dream house looks like when it's done!

Katie visited Boy again, but I took her on a bit of a wild goose chase as I was too busy to take her to see another town. She's pretty patient, but eventually she just had to leave. Sorry Katie!

Molly has taken to calling me 'fam' which is very endearing.

And Mac's gone for 'cuz' - nice choice.

Here's Mac and Berry hanging out at the One Direction clubhouse. They've got alcopops in there and everything.

Meanwhile, the bird villagers really seems to like '?'. They are oddly mesmerised.

I had a really weird dream that Sonic and Tails were everywhere.

Toto is working on renovating his house exterior (yeah, he finally has a house - goodbye tent). Look at that lovely cabana mailbox! Very stylish.

I made a cute little Moomin tee based on my old Moomin jumper & skirt design. This is a little more of a comfy pyjama top look. It's always good to have some comfy t-shirts lying around, right?

Alfonso recently delighted me by giving me a framed photo of himself. Beautiful, wonderful Alfonso. The picture is now on display in my new kitchen (yes, I put in a kitchen - I can now subsist on more than just a variety of fruits).

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