Top 5 Inspiring Recent Blog Posts

I've been reading some ace blogs and blog posts lately so here's a little round up of some current favourites - little bubbles of inspiration.

1. Rose And Vintage - Marble Stones Sinking In the Sand

Ellie went on a little seaside adventure and it looks super fun and cute. It makes me wanna have lots of little adventures of my own. Lots of cute trinkets and cakes in here.

2. Zoe London - Happy Fifth Birthday Zoe London

Zoe is such a down to Earth and cool blogger who has had so much success and here she is having a little emotional moment. It's great to read a little celebration post, and I found this little look back on how far she's come really uplifting and encouraging.

3. Kao-Ani - Sanrio's Newest Deer: Hummingmint

Sanrio apparently has an adorable new deer character and it is so cute. I already love it.

4. In The Frow - Becoming A London Blogger

This post is somewhat similar in tone to Zoe's blog birthday post in that Victoria talks a bit about all the effort and time and things that have gone into her blog. I find it helps me to think about my life, prospects, and ideas in more clarity to see other people talking about their experiences, difficulties, and successes like this (and the nuances of moving to London/living in London are interesting from a Londoner's perspective).

5. Superlatively Rude - Some People Like To Keep Us Small - Just Like Them

This is a pretty great post in response to being subject to cruelty online.


  1. I love this style of post! It's impossible to keep up to date with everyones posts so its a great way to find some I've missed, like Zoe's fifth birthday post which I loved reading, thanks! :)

    Laura Cinnamon xxx

    1. Thanks! Yeah I quite like seeing little collections of stuff and seeing how posts were meaningful to others. It's a nice little bit of feedback and encouragement too which I'm sure anyone can appreciate! :-)

  2. InTheFrow is one of my favourite bloggers/youtubers. I love her style so much!

    I posted a video tutorial today, about my day-to-night make up look!

    Love, Charline

    1. Yeah, she's has quite a slick and professional style, I love her! I'll check out your tutorial now. Thanks for commenting!


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