Style Notes: Shorts & Tights

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It's still so cold and I haven't worn shorts in ages, but I am entering another shorts phase now and I love it. The shorts and tights combo is one of the most important and best combos to me because it just looks so cute, reminds me I have cool and amazing legs, and keeps me warm.

There is something I really like about having essentially naked legs but black, or one of any number of colours. And textures too. Your legs can become woolly or lacy or stripy. It's like patterning your skin, almost. You have the brilliant natural shape of your legs, and then any kind of pattern, colour, or texture you want.

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I've put together a mini wishlist of shorts, all found on Storenvy.
Row 1, L to R: Banana Shorts, Fleece Shorts, Ice Cream Colours Shorts 
Row 2, L to R: Anchor Pattern Beach Shorts, Light Denim Lace Shorts, Cut Off Bart Simpson Shorts 

Which are your favourites? I think mine are the banana shorts.


  1. those studded shorts are amazing!! I am also a big fan of the banana and bart ones <3 xx

  2. Gorgeous shorts!

  3. I love the shorts-tights combo! I've never worn it myself but this post made me want to try it out :)

    1. Give it a try, I'm sure it'll look great :-)


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