Spring & New Life

Here are some thoughts. A bit of a stream of consciousness amongst some recent photos. I'm feeling quite tranquil at the moment. Happy to just sit and be here.

The sun's creeping back into our lives like a sheepish old friend. The light is dancing on the walls, saying hello like a party. I am trying out old-new things. Wearing lighter clothes, remembering this time last year when I wore plaits in my hair and trying again, but this time a little better at it. A year ago I cut my hair short. Now it's almost back where it was - tougher and bigger than I ever remember.

Stippled walls are nice. I'm imagining if I had my own walls in this context. Texture is rich everywhere.

This dog is one of the friendliest creatures around me right now. People can learn a lot from dogs.

No matter what I wear or what I do with my hair, my face is the same, and my skin feels the same. Soft and flexible and covered in peach fuzz. Peach fuzz is a life philosophy. Push your earlobe around when you feel confused about your body.

The pigeons look beautiful in grey skies and dusty sheds. I like that I get to watch them living their lives, going about their pigeon days. I guess we all wonder what it's like to fly. I'm a little scared of heights, so I'm not too curious. They're always there, around me like everyone else is. Being around animals feels very different to being around humans, though. Sometimes I feel like I can understand animals and their priorities a bit more. In any case it's nice to be around them. They make me reflect on things in different ways.

I spent some time sitting in the kitchen, wearing a big, fluffy dressing gown and looking at the plants and everything through the window. Stuff just keeps being there. I guess that's like me. Whatever happens this year and every year, I'll just keep being there.


  1. I love the leaves coming out during spring. And such pretty flowers!


    1. Blossom is a big weakness of mine ;-)


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